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And I realized, in all the sophistry, we should remember something important.

Confucian ideals of Love One Another as you Love Yourself.  The very cornerstone of community and social structure, as well as the first brickblock to building a temple through your mind and body to reach the Lord.


Is all they preached, in order to bring us this world to inhabit.  Freedom might have been a boon or a curse to this, depending on where you were raised, but please take the time to understand that which came before and after the Tao, and its magicks:


Hsin Hsin Ming (Faith in Mind)

The Great Way isn't difficult for those

who are unattached to their preferences.

Let go of longing and aversion

and everything will be perfectly clear;

when you cling to a hairsbreadth of distiction,

Heaven and Earth are set apart.

If you want to realize the truth,

don't be for or against.

The struggle between good and evil

is the primal disease of the mind:

not grasping the deeper meaning,

you just trouble your mind's serenity.

As vast as infinite space,

it is perfect and lacks nothing,

but because you select and reject,

you can't perceive its true nature.

Don't get tangled in the world,

don't lose yourself in emptiness;

be at peace in the oneness of things

and all errors will disappear by themselves.

If you don't live the Tao, you fall

into assertion or denial:

asserting that the world is real

you are blind to its deeper reality;

denying that the world is real

you are blind to the selfishness of all things.

The more you think about these matters,

the farther you are from the truth;

step aside from all thinking

and there is nowhere you can't go.

Returning to the root, you find the meaning;

chasing appearances, you lose their source.

At the moment of profound insight

you transcend both appearance and emptiness.

Don't keep searching for the truth,

just let go of your opinions.

For the mind in harmony with the Tao,

all selfishness disappears

with not even a trace of self-doubt;

you can trust the universe completely.

All at once you are free

with nothing left to hold on to,

all is empty brilliant perfect in its own being.

In all the world of things as they are,

there is no self, no non-self.

If you want to describe its essence,

the best you can say is "not two";

in this "not two" nothing is separate,

and nothing in the world is excluded.

The enlightened of all times and places

have entered into this truth;

in it there is no gain or loss.

One instant is ten thousand years;

there is no here, no there;

infinity is right before your eyes.

The tiny is as large as the vast

when objective boundaries have vanished;

the vast is as small as the tiny

when you don't have external limits.

Being is an aspect of non-being;

non-being is no different from being:

until you understand this truth

you won't see anything clearly.

One is all, all are one;

when you realize this

what reason for holiness or wisdom?

The mind of absolute trust

is beyond all thought, all striving,

is perfectly at peace, for in it

there is no yesterday, no today, no tomorrow.

- Sengcan

T'ao Ch'ien: I built my hut within where others live

I built my hut within where others live,
But there is no noise of carriages and horses.
You ask how this is possible:
When the heart is distant, solitude comes.
I pluck chrysanthemums by the eastern fence
And see the distant southern mountains.
The mountain air is fresh at dusk.
Flying birds return in flocks.
In these things there lies a great truth,
But when I try to express it, I cannot find the words.

           T'ao Ch'ien (a.d. 372-427)

T'ao Ch'ien: I built my hut within where others live